This is our size guide. For the animal, it's the measure of the neck. For  the owner, it's the measure of the wrist. It is not the measure of the item. For the pet there is an " anneaux", but it's stay an accessoire. It is not for keep the animal. Some model has got a special system without bakle. 


Measure of  the neck
:    20/ 25 cm
:    25/ 31cm
:   30/ 35 cm
:   35/ 40 cm
:   40/ 45 cm


Boucle pour la maîtresse

Boucle pour nos amies

Without buckle

Measure of the wrist

Only special order
(14 cm -17 cm)
16 cm - 19 cm
Only speciale order
(18 cm - 21 cm)