It’s an evenement! “

On the occasion of “2015 Japan Pet Fair”, the largest and oldest pet trade show in Japan, they will have live streaming of pet trim show on Ustream.
Please see the schedule as below.
(All in Japanese standard time)

April 3 14:00~
American Grooming Way sponsored by Utsumi, Andis, Mobby
Grooming seminar of Japanese trim in US way by Kaori Lee Yamada
Guest: Chuck Simons

April 3 15:30~
Top pet salon groomers show East vs. West presented by Cuun magagine.

Top 5 salon groomers from West and East areas show their pet trims
April 4 12:45~ Audition show for pet models to stars, judged by famous pet related manufactures, web company, pet magazine, etc, presented by Cuun -Luxury Dog Apparel Magazine-

— avec Keisuke Suzuki et 12 autres personnes.…/2015petstylistshow-a-dog-star-is-bo…

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


The March 03 is a girl’s day in Japan!

The 03 March is a girl’s day in Japan !!!

What is this?

It’s to celebration for the family has a girl.

What they celebrate?

For her hearth and have a happy life.

What they do?

It’s began before this day. Decorate her dolls.

In general, the dolls handed from generation to generation (see the photo of the traditional dolls).

Hinematsuri-1  Hinematsuri-2

But it’s a first time the family got a girl, they buy the dolls for her.

The type of the dolls changed independent of the region.

Hinamatsuri-4It’s a  poupée suspendus.


And for the party, prepare special meal. In general it’s  “Chirashi-sushi’

It’s also change independent of the region.


Chirashi-sushi for the girl’s day.




It’s very very important. The dolls has to put away the 03 March, not more.

There is a sayings says, if you don’t put away it, your girl couldn’t get married.
So take care!!!  Any way,

Happy girl’s day! 

In Japan, the Pocky has many vertion.

You know the basic version of Pocky, but in Japan, there is a lot of kind of Pocky.


How many Pocky de you know?

Site Glico in Japanes(


But, Pocky’s CM also very interresting.

Pocky’s catch phrase is “Share happiness!’.

Here same image.

(The acuter is a member of “ARASHI” Ninomiya Kazunari.)

N° 1

N° 2

To be continue…….

Do you love the art modern and want to get in you home or in the garden?

You live the art moderne and want to get in your home or in the garden.

So we present you nice shop in Paris.

Francois Rambaud

237 bd Saint Germain 75007 Paris
tél : 01 45 55 12 69


Across the Seine from the Place de la Concorde,  you can find it very easily.
Find these three windows!





How nice blue!!!

The rogue monkey in red. This red bright colour is match better in real.
So you have to go see it in real!


Unfortunately the nice red color does not come out in this picture.

Do You love Japan and Paris? So RDV to Le Bon Marche!

From the 30 August 2014 until 18 October 2014,  in le Bon Marché Paris organise l’Exposition of Japan.

You love Japan but you haven’t enough time to go there or you don’t know yet Japan but you would like know the Japanese culture?

Either, you went to Japan already and you can not live without Japan etc

Here is the good opportunity to touch with Japan!